St. Patrick's Church

Here is a wonderful stand of beech trees, a grand nesting site for crows.

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3 crows

At the start of the Norman rule in Ireland in the 1100’s, the church was connected with the Knights Hospitallers of Saint John of Jerusalem of Kilmainham in Dublin. The primary purpose of the order was to provide refreshment to pilgrims and travellers.  The Knights had to show proof of nobility, make payments to the Order and maintain themselves and two horses.  When they died all their property and possessions was left to the Order.

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On the south west side of the church, a wall from the old church is next to two upright stones.  These stones may have been taken from the old church, or they may be two of the many standing stones that reportedly once stood on Tara.  Both are identified by some as Blocc and Bluigne, and one is often called Adamnan’s Pillar.  On Adamnan’s Pillar is a carving said to be a sheela-na-gig, or maybe it is Cernunnos, the horned Celtic God.

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Garran na Coille to the Church

Garran na Coille to the Church

It was a parish church until the 1500's, the old medieval church being demolished in 1823 and replaced with the present building. The...

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