Seasons : Bealtaine

summers upraising

A sunshine day

When love grows strong.
Friends forever.
We eat together
Our feet tread the same land.
Friends forever.
A shared glance
A knowing look.
Friends forever.
Angry words shook
My quiet gazing.
They fall now,
Those that cannot stand
Summer’s honey blazing.
In death anger screams out against
Earth’s loving song upraising.
Anger does not belong here.

Sitting, listening,

Echoes through leafy wood, across the lake;

Crow croaks, distant pheasant, bee buzzes at the window frame.

Transitory, enlivening,

Sparkles of light through meshed leaves.

Pigeon calls from the branch perch, and the answer?


Dog barks, clock ticks,

There it is, faintly,

the response.

Blue tit flies and suddenly

Deep throated barks from dog reverberates,

Cutting the birdsong,

Earthing it.

Page last updated: 21st May 2012