Seasons : Autumn Equinox

equinox apples

Apples on Tara 21 September (see www.TaraCelebrations.org)

WEST: All things rest. All things die. Including me.

APPLE: Harvest, Abundance, Swollen Fruit with thick sweet juicy flesh. Smell. Touch. Feel. See. Hear the bite. Taste. Sense the unity of apple branch and tree. The apple must let go of tree which supports it to have its own understanding, its own existence. What do I need to let go of?

TREE: Full of green leaf with fabulous crimsons. Leaves swaying in the open air. Whole tree dancing to creation's beat. Why does it exist? Is it soul for the apple? Do we only consider the tree worthy if it produces fruit useful to us? What do I need to release to fulfil my purpose? Do I mourn its loss or do I celebrate its freedom?

NORTH: Hybernia. Cold. Dark. Decay. Death.

APPLE: The Seeds are small hunched dark beings. Around them I rot and decay allowing the seed to be exposed. And fall into the dark earth. Do I still see this as frightening and chaotic knowing that the seeds need this? I retreat within and allow nature to mould me.

TREE: Standing naked and shivering as if dead. My children/projects rotting on the ground around me. I too withdraw vital sap deep within. I offer no resistance to the cutting winds (and because I drop my leaves and die to the this I indeed survive).. I allow the winter gales to prune my weaker branches. Do I think why this? why me? why now? Why not? If not me, then who? If not now, then when? From the winter in my life I understand the importance of knuckling down and understanding comfort zones. I understand winter as a natural integral part of the great cycle.

EAST: Everything that exists has a beginning. The lengthening days herald change.

APPLE: As the apple I am dead. I exist only as the seed. As the seed I also die. I swell and burst forth.

TREE: I mobilise my resources and celebrate by bursting into flower. I create from the air and sun my new coat of leaves and I again start to dance. I support and sustain new projects, new life.

SOUTH: Warm summer sun sustains my existence.

APPLE: I am developing and growing. I channel the energy of abundant growth into me. But who for? Me/tree/others?

TREE: I am using the suns rays to crystalise carbon dioxide into solid matter. I channel the energy into growth of fruit.

CENTRE: Chaos and Order are inseprable, life and death are flip sides of the same coin, they are one. To grow I need to die. To die to one way of life births another. Out of disaster comes opportunity. Equinox inspires us to seek this balanced view.

Apple and Tree are a balanced expression of this notion.

Page last updated: 12th Feb 2011