Garran na Coille - Western Woodlands

The collection of oaks and chestnuts provide a wonderfully peaceful place in which to stroll and reflect on time and space.  The pollen record shows that around 2300BC there was a general woodland clearance in the area.  Some woodland regenerated about 200BC.

In 1837 Ralph Dillon reported planting 2000 larch, 900 scotch fir, 1000 spruce, 450 beech, 300 sycamore, 200 chestnut, 100 ash and 170 alder in the Tara area.  Perhaps some of these were in this woodland.

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2010 Spring clean up opens the pathways through the woods -

spring cleaning in woodlandaa

there comes a time when we have all run our course on earth and it is time to die -





knitting on a treedying tree tara 

Fairy Tree

Fairy Tree

Fairy Tree April 2013 - thanks to Marta for first 2 photos      A cluster of leaves fallen from an ancient oak in Ireland rest on the fairy tree on...

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